YES! I’m ready do what I love and get paid for it. I’m excited to help my clients to achieve my goals! I know I will get proven strategies to become a CERTIFIED KETO COACH…and…at the same time…deliver my unique magic and message to more and more of my IDEAL  CLIENTS.
Here’s What You’re Getting:  The entire Ketosis Coach Certification program delivered online at your convenience.

In 6 short months as you follow along with the Ketosis Training Institute you will…

HELP CLIENTS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS: You’ll help clients understand Keto and formulate a plan to achieve their ideal weight. It’s so much more than putting an eating plan in front of them. You’ll be changing a history of bad eating habits into a lifetime of healthy clean eating.

HAVE AS MANY CLIENTS AS YOU WANT: Google Trends indicates that the Ketosis is a growing diet trend. The fact that so many celebrities such as Halle Berry and Mick Jagger are talking about their success is attracting millions. Plus the fact that so many people are seeing signs of rapid success with Keto drives them to your door.

SELECT ONLY THE BEST CLIENTS: As you launch your business, you’re going to find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. Clients will be lined up to work with you. And once you starting getting great results for your clients you’ll start getting a huge referral business. Remember, referral clients are always the best clients.

WE WILL SEND CLIENTS RIGHT TO YOU: Once you’ve received your certification, you’ll be listed as a Certified Keto Coach and we will refer clients to you. You’ll even have a page and a schedule right on our site!



  • Week 1: Introduction to Ketogenic Diet
    • Day 1: Overview of the Ketogenic Diet – History, principles, and benefits.
    • Day 2: Understanding Macros – Fats, proteins, carbs, and their roles in keto.
    • Day 3: Ketosis and How to Achieve It – Signs, symptoms, and monitoring.
    • Day 4: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Addressing common pitfalls.
    • Day 5: Introduction to Nutritional Science – Basics of nutrition related to keto.

    Week 2: Keto Nutrition Deep Dive

    • Day 1: Detailed Study of Macronutrients – Deep dive into fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
    • Day 2: Micronutrients in Keto – Importance of vitamins and minerals.
    • Day 3: Planning Balanced Keto Meals – Creating nutrient-dense meals.
    • Day 4: Understanding Food Labels – Reading and interpreting labels for keto.
    • Day 5: Supplements on Keto – When and what to recommend.

    Week 3: Keto for Special Populations

    • Day 1: Keto for Weight Loss – Strategies and adjustments.
    • Day 2: Keto for Athletes – Performance, endurance, and recovery.
    • Day 3: Therapeutic Uses of Keto – PCOS, diabetes, epilepsy.
    • Day 4: Vegan/Vegetarian Keto Diets – Ensuring completeness.
    • Day 5: Keto and Intermittent Fasting – Combining both for optimal results.

    Week 4: Coaching Skills and Techniques

    • Day 1: Building Rapport with Clients – Communication skills.
    • Day 2: Setting Goals and Expectations – SMART goal setting.
    • Day 3: Motivational Interviewing – Encouraging change without pressure.
    • Day 4: Handling Resistance and Setbacks – Strategies for common challenges.
    • Day 5: Continuous Support and Follow-up – Creating lasting client relationships.


    Week 5: Meal Planning and Recipe Creation

    • Day 1: Keto Meal Planning Basics – Structuring daily and weekly plans.
    • Day 2: Recipe Adaptation – Converting traditional recipes to keto.
    • Day 3: Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops (virtual or in-person).
    • Day 4: Budget-Friendly Keto Eating – Tips and tricks.
    • Day 5: Eating Out and Social Events – Navigating challenges outside the home.

    Week 6: Monitoring and Adjusting Keto Plans

    • Day 1: Tracking Progress – Tools and methods.
    • Day 2: Adjusting Keto Plans – Macronutrient tweaks for plateaus.
    • Day 3: Managing Side Effects – Electrolytes, hydration, keto flu.
    • Day 4: Advanced Ketosis Monitoring Techniques – Blood, breath, urine testing.
    • Day 5: Case Studies – Reviewing real-life scenarios and solutions.

    Week 7: Business Skills for Keto Coaches

    • Day 1: Starting Your Keto Coaching Business – Basics of setting up.
    • Day 2: Marketing Strategies for Keto Coaches – Online and offline methods.
    • Day 3: Building an Online Presence – Website, social media, and content creation.
    • Day 4: Client Onboarding Process – Consultations, assessments, and contracts.
    • Day 5: Legal and Ethical Considerations – Staying within scope of practice.

    Week 8: Practicum and Certification Preparation

    • Day 1-3: Practical Coaching Experience – Role-playing, peer coaching sessions.
    • Day 4: Review and Q&A – Addressing any lingering questions.
    • Day 5: Certification Exam – Comprehensive test covering all material.