Calling all coaches!

You’ve all experienced this excellent training first hand. So now’s your chance to shout about it! I will be hosting a new section on my site, and I want you to tell your story. Not only will this show the masses what kind of transformation we can give them, but this will directly help you gain a more significant following with direct links to your social pages or website. So fill out the detail below with your information, including the best profile picture you can find and a short bio (up to 150 words), and I’ll feature you on this very website for the world to see.

    700 Characters Remaining

    Looking for inspiration?

    If you’re unsure what to write, relax, be yourself, you got this! Consider telling people about the following:

    • What your background is
    • How long you have been a keto coach
    • What you knew before you took the course
    • How confident were you before
    • How you communicate with your audience
    • Callout any major success you’ve had
    • What was your key takeaway?
    • What has changed in your lifestyle?
    • Would you recommend the course?

    More importantly, please be honest about your experience and remember that this is also your cue to advertise as the expert you are.

    Many thanks for taking part in this process. I can’t wait to read through all your submissions.